"Marmi di Carrara ® - The high quality stone brand"

Since 1956 Italian leader for marble granite onyx

Quarry Carrara

Quarry Carrara

Quarry - Bianco Carrara - Statuario - Calacatta Arabescato

Quarry – Bianco Carrara – Statuario – Calacatta Arabescato

Quarry tunnel

Quarry tunnel


Since 1956 Marmi di Carrara is leader in the excavation of Carrara’s quarries. Calacatta , Statuario , Bianco Carrara and Arabescato are some quarried materials.Statuario – Calacatta Arabescato . Quarry Carrara

Stockyard and factory

Stockyard and factory – Marmi di Carrara

Bianco carrara stockyard

Bianco carrara stockyard

Processing bathtub

Processing bathtub

Marmi di Carrara has a big stockyards , wharehouses and factories in Carrara’s Area . The latest technologies joined with large experience make the final product the best. Blocks , slabs , tiles are main products.

Marble Projects

Marble Projects- Italian Marble Granite

Marble Carpet

Marble Carpet

Marble Bathroom

Marble Bathroom

Marmi di Carrara since 1956 can guarantee the best result for all the marble project you need. We are specialized in lightweight marble , massive bathtube and sink, flooring , walling , cladding , facade . Tiles , slabs . Commercial project from architect or special Villas are processed for the best results.Our team can give the best advise and suggestions..

Multi Media Bar

White Onyx

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Travertino Rosso

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Travertino Romano Classico

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Travertino Silver

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Travertino Navona

Travertino Navona – Italian marble granite     Travertino...

Travertino Giallo

Travertino Giallo – Italian marble granite     Travertino...

Bianco Thassos

Bianco Thassos – Italian marble granite     Bianco Thassos – Since...

Rosso Verona

Rosso Verona – Italian marble granite     Rosso Verona – Since...

Rosso Diaspro

Rosso diaspro – Italian marble granite     Rosso diaspro – Since...

Red Onyx

Red Onyx – Italian marble granite     Red Onyx – Since 1956 Marmi...

Palissandro Classico

Palissandro Classico – Italian marble granite     Palissandro Classico...

Palissandro Nuvolato

Palissandro Nuvolato – Italian marble granite     Palissandro Nuvolato...

Nero saint Laurent

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