Italian marble granite

Italian marble Granite

Since 1956 we extract, work and invent marble and stone.
For over 60 years Marmi di Carrara has been an established company in the Italian and international market and specialized in exclusive natural stone architecture projects from its own or exclusive quarries, which works in its own laboratories equipped with the latest technologies.

Our constant passion is to reach the highest working standards, our commitment to our customers and our versatility in the use of contemporary materials, such as natural stone has led us to be an international reality in the marble and stones.

We strive to achieve the highest level of excellence in every project for which we can offer a turnkey service from design to final installation. Using the highest quality materials that we select in each processing phase, from the block to the final tile, we create projects specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each of our customers, applying the most innovative technology throughout the entire process.

Many famous and acclaimed architects, designers and decorators have already trusted us.

Marmi di Carrara has been digging, transforming and marketing marble from owned or exclusive quarries since 1956. Marbles, granites, onyxes, travertines are treated considering the physical-mechanical characteristics and the chromatic tones in order to suggest the best solution for each project.
The products are selected by our geologists on the extraction fields of the different countries of origin of the materials, where our subsidiaries manage the production according to market demands.
Our quarries produce marble blocks like Statuario, Calacatta, Bianco Carrara, Gioia, Bardiglio, Arabescato, Rosso Damasco which are then transformed into our equipped workshops to become slabs, artistic floors, tiles, wall coverings, ventilated facades, tubs and washbasins solid wood, inserts from water jet, to be used in environments such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms.
Marmi di Carrara uses backlit onyx combined with glass and lightened marble to create unique artistic and architectural projects.
Both private (villas, yachts, apartments) and public (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, cruise ships, buildings) projects are analyzed and managed to guarantee the selected quality and the best price.
Marmi di Carrara since 1956 guarantees quality control on the whole supply chain from the quarry to the finished product.

Our success story supports our future.

Free advice
Marmi di Carrara offers consultancy for every project, both public and private

Selected quality
The selection begins in the quarry and ends with the packaging of the finished product

Guarantee Mark
The registered trademark “Marmi di Carrara” on the product guarantees quality

After sales assistance
Marmi di Carrara offers after sales assistance to each customer