Ready to assume any shape and function, with surprising technologies and results, stone, marble and granite enhance your investments, satisfy your tastes and your emotions with their prestige, dynamism, hygiene and quality of the material that above all remains natural. A continuous research on their processing has given life to products made with highly sophisticated industrial processes that have made the use of “precious” and sought-after materials cheap and widespread.

The long history of the company policies adopted by us has, over time, translated into a highly flexible production force in the processing of any type of product.
Linked by strong affection to every object we produce, we have never left any production segment, even when the markets were not right.
We have evolved, we have grown in terms of turnover and volumes, we have updated technologically with the new CNCs that allow us to lower costs and obtain products of higher quality and precision, but without ever abandoning any artisan production sector for replace it with standardized mass productions, often with considerable efforts also to encourage young people to take the place of the “old” craftsmen of the trade such as the sculptors.

Sector in which we have been recognized as one of the leading companies for years. Thanks to the company’s ability to collaborate with architects and clients and to diversify its production according to the specific requests of the client, we have made our company a name present in the world, in many residences destined to be remembered in history.
Thanks to a prepared and attentive technical office, to workers and sculptors directly hired as well as other professionals who work in collaboration with us, we can offer from traditional floors and coverings to columns of any order and size, customized frames and fountains.
The support of the quarries we own has allowed us to be able to break through even in large facade cladding projects and to carry out all our works with a meticulous work of choosing the most suitable blocks for the works, giving companies and individuals who have decided to trust us with tranquility and satisfaction.
We are pleased to welcome you to our world of indoor and outdoor flooring and cladding, and to bring you within our organization and our operating units, in the hope of being able to better communicate the quality policies pursued by us in the conception and production of our marble, granite and stone products.
Marmi di carrara srl ​​has been operating in the artistic and artisanal sector of marble, stone and granite for over thirty years. Any need can be satisfied when you turn to the experience and professionalism of the Carrara marble. Each product can be customized, any project made. Many variables available to the customer, but also the willingness to make any proposed design. Qualified staff at your disposal to advise you and design the customized solution that meets your needs. Wide choice of quality materials, specialized personnel, guarantee the customer a quality product. Marmi di Carrara offers assistance in every phase, from design to construction, from installation to after-sales assistance. Attention to detail is one of the essential principles that allows Marmi di Carrara to obtain a unique and functional final product, but also sought after in the design and choice of natural materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail. La Marmi di Carrara offers a wide choice of standard and custom-made fireplaces, portals, interior and exterior furnishings, from floors to thresholds, to coverings to bathrooms, from stairs to columns to objects. Sacred and urban monumental works, inlaid and decorated altars, fountains, sculptures, religious works and restoration. Each product enhanced by the professionalism of the artisans, which make it unique and exclusive, handmade decorations, carvings and reliefs that go beyond functionality to become eternal.
Carrara marbles stones, was born in Meolo in the province of Venice and has 12 years of experience in working stone and marble for outdoor and indoor flooring and cladding. During this time, we have managed to position ourselves in the market, offering diversified solutions.
Today we are able to offer you a wide range of tiles, in marble and stone, inlays and decorations with precious gems.
The choice of products is very wide: you can opt for a wide range of formats, depending on your needs.
We have gained a good command in the processing of marble and stone: we are specialized in the creation of pi coatings